How To Use The Forum

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How To Use The Forum

Post by Keri Edmonds on Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:48 pm

This is a brief guide on how to do some basic things around the forum Smile

In this thread:

1. How To Register

2. How To Start A New Topic

3. How To Post A Picture

4. How To Upload An Avatar

1. How To Register

Making an account should be very simple. Underneath the banner, you will the Register button:

You will be asked to agree to the Forum Terms of Service, then to enter a username, an email address, and a password. Please use your full real name so that we can identify members and non-members.

You will then be asked to confirm your password, and enter a captcha code to confirm that you're not a robot. Once this has been done, you will be taken to a screen that says you are now able to log in. To do so, click the Log In button, which is next to the Register button.

2. How To Start A New Topic

To start a new topic or thread, you need to be registered and logged in.

When you have done this, go to any subforum such as The Starting Point and click New Topic.

You will then be taken to a page where you will see this box.

1. This is where the title of your topic goes. For an intro you might say 'Hi I'm John'.

2. This is where the text of your topic goes, which is all the description and details.

3. These are emoticons, or smilies. You can use these to better convey your tone!

4. When you are finished, you can click preview to see what your topic will look like, or click send to post the topic.

3. How To Post A Picture

To post a photo, you can do one of two things.

Option A - upload it to a site like photobucket or imgur and click the button below.

This will give you a box to paste the link for the photo into.

Option B - click the box next to it as below, and upload a photo directly from your computer.

4. How To Upload An Avatar

Your avatar is the picture below your name when you post a new topic or message. By default, all members have a Green Party logo as their avatar, but you can upload a different photo if you like.

The maximum dimensions are 200x200. As per our guidelines, all images must be PG-13 or under, so nothing rude please!

To get started, click on your profile button.

This will take you to your profile. You the need to click on 'Avatar' in the options along the top row.

Here you can upload an avatar, or link to one from an online gallery.

If there are other forum features that you're not sure how to use, please post below and I will keep updating this topic regularly with any suggestions, to make it easy for everyone to get involved Smile
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