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Rules & Guidelines

Post by Admin on Thu May 21, 2015 4:17 pm

Please follow these basic guidelines for using the MKGP forum. These guidelines apply to all members and supporters.

  1. No spam or unauthorised advertising, in any section. Spammers will be banned immediately, without warning.

  2. Please do not use text speak. We don't expect everyone to have perfect grammar and spelling, but your posts should be readable.

  3. One account per user. Accounts will not be banned by request.

  4. Please remember that you are talking to real people and avoid sexist, racist or offensive language. Profanity should be used sparingly, and never directed at other users.

  5. Images posted on the main board must be no more than PG-13. Please do not post images of a sexual or overtly suggestive nature. This includes images in avatars and signatures.

  6. All articles and quotes must include a link to the original source.

  7. Backseat moderation is not encouraged - please report problems to the Officers and we will handle them.

  8. Complaints about MKGP or the Officers should be handled by private message or email - public threads insulting either will be removed. Whilst we welcome feedback, it should be delivered constructively or it will be considered trolling.

  9. The site and its owners are not responsible for any illegal content posted by members of the forum. In the event that such content is posted, please report it so we may remove it and steps may be taken to alert the proper authorities.

  10. The Officers reserve the right to deal with any situation as they see fit depending on the individual circumstances, above and beyond the general rules. Attempts to sidestep these rules will not be viewed with good humour.


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